Well, if you know me long enough, you prolly have read my old old blog on friendster. Yep, friendster 😀 A few months before friendster was acquired by some Malaysian company, i decided to remove every personal stuffs i had, backed-up “testimonials” from friends and my blog posts. I then, removed the blog and deactivated my friendster account.
So, not my lost, friendster! 🙂

I have abandoned my facebook account too. still very actively tweeting but cant be sure how long i’ll be doing it. technology evolves, users will follow. therefore, the switches. hehe.

What to expect here? I guess you will connect more dots about me (only if you find missing dots and good at connecting em). Knowing what i was thinking, what I did, where I went, what i plan, how i did it, why i do the things i do.
So, yep, welcome.