G: “i called you but why you didnt pick up your phone?!”
B: “i told u my battery was very very low. it was dead a few seconds later.”
G: “but i can still call you! i heard the dial tone!”
B: “what? seriously? my phone didnt even ring. it was off. completely off.”

Well, that B was me. Trust me, i dont know how it happened (but it did). My old ‘O2 PDA’ did that to me. So, even a dial tone doesnt always mean the other person’s phone receive your call. wow, eh?!

• • •

People are very much relying their communication to smart phones, internet, sms, blackberry messenger, whatsapp, technology. Sometimes relationships are at stake due to technology mishap.
It can easily create misunderstanding.
Just because everything always run smooth, it doesnt mean glitches dont happen.

SMS has 98% delivery rate. So, there might be 2% chances that your sms wont get delivered. This also applies to any messaging systems. no 100% delivery rate can be guaranteed.
So, the next time someone tells you he didnt get your message or a missed call, it might be the truth.

If you have your own technology glitch experience, please share. Thanks.