Thoughts & Memories of Small Retirements Throughout Life.

Month May 2013

That Last Bday Present

August 2011. It was his birthday that we decided to buy him a blackberry. I said to my sister that he will definitely complaint about why we spend so much buying him expensive stuff. Well, we bought it anyway. Drove… Continue Reading →

Technology Glitches & Your Relationship

G: “i called you but why you didnt pick up your phone?!” B: “i told u my battery was very very low. it was dead a few seconds later.” G: “but i can still call you! i heard the dial… Continue Reading →

Same Old Me, New Blog

Well, if you know me long enough, you prolly have read my old old blog on friendster. Yep, friendster 😀 A few months before friendster was acquired by some Malaysian company, i decided to remove every personal stuffs i had,… Continue Reading →

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