Fascinated by computer at age 12, I never stop exploring technology ever since. Completed my study in Computer Science, I founded Webby Digital, a web design & development company, since 2004. Together with a partner, I also co-founded Netviro in 2006, a domain registration & web hosting provider company. Few years down the road until present time, I have started several businesses (view the complete list here). So, those are what keep me busy everyday.

You can find me in Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia for most of the time. Living comfortably with mom, my wife and son.

Besides managing clients’ projects, travelling is one thing I do passionately. So far, I have been lucky enough to find that working remotely works fine for me. That no chaos happened while I am away from my office.

The older I get, the more I realize that I find joy in life when I am creating something, sharing my knowledge with others, trying out new things, exploring new places, and eating good food. ^^

This blog is the documentation of my thoughts and memories of all things I have done, in writing, in photos, in videos. The primary purpose of writing in this blog is to make sure I can revisit my life whenever needed. Putting it online will make it easy to answer, “so, what’s your story?” from everyone who care. 🙂

I believe that life is short. I believe in small retirements throughout life. I believe in collecting experiences and memories.

This life. My life. I embrace.