Walked passed a pizza hut outlet near INTI College Subang Jaya tonight. I was surprised it’s still there. Serving students.

Had a few good memories there with friends. Casual dinner. Birthday dinner. Even just a craving for pizza meal with friends. All happened during my college life.

The one thing that i will never forget is when my grandma came to visit me. She came to Subang alone. She was about 70 years old at that time. No direct flight from Pekanbaru to Malaysia. She traveled more than 12 hours to reach my place.

I wasn’t able to go and fetch her that day as I had quiz. Being a super grandma, she arrived safe and sound with 2 boxes of indomie! 😁

Fast forward, i felt happy that she came and felt bad that she had to travel so far and so long just to see me. Knowing that she likes to eat pizza, i went out to buy her dinner!

This is exactly the pizza outlet i went that day. I got her a RM 40 set of pizza. 1 medium size pizza, a bottle of soda, big one, a lasagna too. Brought it back to the hotel and i could see that she was really happy.

She ate it like she never eat a delicious pizza before. Repeatedly said it was good. She then stopped half way and looked at me. She asked, “this set must be very expensive pizza”.

I laughed a little and answered, “nope. U wont believe me, but this set only cost me RM 14. Very cheap”. I even gave her a big smile just to convince her. Covered up my lie.

Well, my grandma had to struggle to raise 9 children on her own after being separated from her husband. Life wasnt easy for her. Money was always tight. Very tight. Eating expensive food will just delete her appetite. Instantly.

So, ‘cheap’ is always the keyword.

She smiled even bigger than mine. “Wow, so cheap and delicious”. She ate most of the pizza that night. Happily, of course.

Years has passed after that day.

She got much older but pizza was still her fave food.

One day, one afternoon, me and my brother dated her out. Being old made her disliked going out often. She hated to slow other people down because of her. She didnt want anybody to have to help her walk. I observed this and totally understood.

While waiting for our pizza. I couldnt help but to break out the truth.

“Ah ma, i got a confession to make”, i looked at her and smile.

“What is that?”, she curiously asked me.

“Remember the pizza I bought you when you visited me at Subang?”

“Yes”, she grinned and seemed to know where this conversation gonna end up.

I burst out laugh a little and broke it, “i lied about the pizza. It wasnt RM 14. It was RM 40”

She laughed out loud and said, “i kinda felt weird about the price. It couldnt be that cheap but I wasnt thinking that much that time”.

We both laughed and i remember saying, “if I told you the real price, you wouldnt enjoy it that much”.

The lunch that day was super fun. I get to bring her to eat her fave food and confess at the same time. 😊 I have no regret.

She has passed away close to 4 years now.

I still deeply miss her.

Wish to still able to buy her pizza.

And, i will still lie to her about it. 😊

Love u grandma.