After persuading Jill to take the Jeepney ride with me, she finally agreed. Haha. Been quite long she didn’t ride one.

I have to say, for a tourist, I don’t exactly know how to use Jeeps to go places. Not familiar with the routes eventho they are written at the Jeeps’ side.

Jill did all the asking in Tagalog. I followed her. She said hop on, I just did. Haha. Not sure where we headed to. Not sure when we should get off. I was just excited to ride it for the sake of riding it.

We rode a Jeepney from SM Mall of Asia to Pasay. There’s a market there where most of the Jeeps will drop off the passengers.

It cost about 7 pesos (Rp 1.890). Short distance. About 10 minutes or so. I will post the 360 photos so that you get the idea of being inside a Jeeps.

There you go, the inside of Jeepney, traditional transportation in Manila every tourist must try.

What seemingly a full seat can suddenly fit in more people as you are forced to squeeze yourself to the passenger before you. I wish I was not where I was. 😁

The roof was a little bit low for me. Could hardly see through the window. I had little idea where the Jeeps was heading to. Well, I didn’t know where to get off either. Plus, i have Jill as my local guide. So, just wait for her signal. 😂

As there’s no more room to squeeze your ass, the Jeeps started to move. Driver (and in some there’s the driver assistant) will shout “bayad, bayad” (like “Bayar, Bayar”) and passenger will started to pass money to the driver.

Yep, you will automatically take part in money passing marathon. Hahaha. Pass the change back. You will have to tell your destination. The driver will tell you how much. All in tagalog. 😂

It was fun riding the Jeeps.