No, it is not Jolliebee that I wanted to try the most. It is the “Balut”. A day-old chicken/duck embryo. A Filipino snack. They eat it for fun with salt and vinegar.

Watch my fear factor culinary challenge video here:

If it wasn’t because of the ladies. I might not have the courage to try. Hahaha. They can do it, why can’t I? *challenged mode: on

It was similar to eating a boiled egg, seriously. No difference. Just that your mind is messing with you. Will there be feathers? Bones? Eyes? Mouth part? Is it gonna be stinky? Will the eyes pop in my mouth? Omg, i am eating baby duck!

If you notice, I didn’t quite able to tell how it tastes in the video. 😁 Mostly because I worried! Worry there will be something in it that is too gross to be eaten.

I am proud to say, “Yes, I have eaten the BALUT! Sarap!”